The stress-free secret to holiday shopping

secret to stress free Christmas shopping

The countdown to Christmas is on and we are all looking for the perfect gift. Holiday shopping creates a lot of stress as we try to meet expectations and still be a frugal Santa. A recent survey showed that more than 75% of people find buying gifts difficult and more than half of the people […]

Fifty shades of greyness

grey landscape

I’m having a fifty shades of grey kind of a day. Wait…not that kind of fifty shades of grey. It’s been raining for six days at the beach house which means that everything is monochromatic. The sky is grey, the water is grey, even the trees have taken on a grey tone. Just one big […]

The lost art of doing nothing

waiting and doing nothing but relaxing and thinking

I’ve been noticing lately that people don’t do nothing anymore. There is no free time. I don’t mean that our schedules are overbooked, although that is definitely true. I mean that there are no longer idle moments in our day. Whether it’s standing in a line, sitting at the bus stop, or waiting for your […]

These times are serious

sketch of faces in a heart shape

These times of ours are serious and full of calamity. True, but I didn’t write that. Ralph Waldo Emerson did more than 150 years ago. In the mid 19th century, they had their hands full with the Crimean war, assassinations, a cholera epidemic and Charles Darwin rattling people’s world with the theory of evolution. If […]

Living life from scratch

rolling pin to make pie

When I got married, my grandmother gave me a wooden rolling pin that had been a shower gift to her when she got married in 1921. It had been well used as my grandmother was a wonderful cook who made wonderful pies. She taught my mother how to cook and my mother taught me. I […]

Wild geese know a thing about success

wild geese migrating

You can hear them long before you can see them.  Honk honk honk.  Every fall as I’m working to put my garden to bed, flocks of Canada Geese make their way overhead.  I always stop when I can finally see them, and watch their beautiful v-formation flying by.  It’s a real reminder that winter will […]