Top 10 Dalai Lama quotes


On July 6th His Holiness the Dalai Lama will celebrate his 80th birthday.  He is a man admired for his kindness, compassion and joy of living. He is also respected for the wisdom of his teachings.   It wasn’t an easy task, but here are my top 10 favourite Dalai Lama quotes: An open heart […]

Why you can’t go back – a life lesson

tour bus

My hubby and I used to get away each year to the mountains for a little weekend retreat. We would often stay in a rustic cabin at the edge of a beautiful canyon. There was a trail that followed the river to a series of waterfalls. It was one of our favourite places. You could […]

Why time messes with your head

clockface in spiral

Time is a funny thing. There is a level train crossing not far from my house and if I don’t time it right, I can get caught sitting and waiting for the train to pass…which…seems…to…take…forever. Minutes feel like hours while I’m waiting for container car after container car it to slowly chug its way across […]

Death in the morning


This article was first published in my community blog Life Goes On for the St. Albert Gazette. “I’m checking to see if I’m there.” My dad would say that when I asked him why he read the obituaries in the newspaper each morning.  Now years later, like many things my parents did that I used to roll my […]