Letting the Sheep lead the way

chinese calendar - year of the sheep

Tomorrow begins the Chinese year of the Sheep (sometimes called the Goat or Ram). That means it’s time to slow down. Good advice in any year but particularly now as we find ourselves living crazy busy lives. Most people feel somewhat overwhelmed with commitments and responsibilities. Sometimes the sense of busyness is created as we […]

This will work

lotus blossom sprouting through pavement

Year after year people focus on the same resolutions. The most common goals are about being healthier – losing weight, quitting smoking, eating better and flossing. After that the focus is usually on money – saving more or getting out of debt and finally decluttering homes and offices. So I was delighted to see in […]

A new kind of list

making post it note lists

People like lists. Some people even have lists to organize their lists. They especially like to-do lists – never ending lists of things that need to be done. Perhaps we think that these lists help us get stuff done but I think they simply become another way to feel bad about ourselves. We succumb to […]

The thing about limits

hiking boots on trail

Kauai is a beautiful place. Except that it only goes up or down. It isn’t often flat. At least that’s what I discovered on a recent hiking trip there. As is often the case, one experience can be a metaphor for approaching life. That was true on the trails as I was reminded about how […]

The need to know

view of Daramkot India

It’s not what you don’t know that that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so. Mark Twain Perhaps one of the biggest hoaxes we play on ourselves is the belief that we can know something for certain.  Hundreds of years ago people were sure that the earth was […]