3 important things about change

change and it's effect on our lives

There’s one characteristic that most people share. They simply don’t like change. That’s why we wear the same twenty percent of our wardrobe over and over. That’s why we eat the same foods every week. And it’s why some people still have the same haircut they had in 1978. We particularly don’t like change that […]

Moment to moment prizes

raffle tickers

Ever been at an event and bought tickets for a raffle? Or maybe you were given a door prize ticket when you first arrived? Everyone puts their tickets in their pockets until the close of the evening when the draws actually take place. You listen for those magic last three numbers that signal you have […]

Passing the torch to myself


This article was first published in my community blog Life Goes On for the St. Albert Gazette. It’s an interesting experience when we see our grown children doing stuff that we used to do. Last weekend we cheered on our daughter and her friends as they ran their first race of the season. Back in the day my […]

5 quotes on happiness

happiness quotes

Happiness is situational. That’s what a client told me recently. She’s not the only one to hold a belief that happiness is dependent upon a set of circumstances. I hear it all the time. I’ll be happy when… I’ll be happy if… Seems to me holding a belief like that limits our ability to enjoy […]

Seduced to the dark side

adopting new technology

This article was first published in my community blog Life Goes On for the St. Albert Gazette. I’m not what you would call a technology trend spotter. Back in the early 1990’s when debit cards were first introduced I was convinced that they were a dumb idea that no one would ever use. Apparently I […]