3 simple ways to stop worrying


Everybody worries about something. If you have kids, you worry. If you have a job, you worry. If you live on planet earth, you worry. Some people are chronic and intense worriers and others are less consumed with it. Let’s face it – there are lots of things that we could worry about. From illness […]

Liar liar pants on fire


This article was first published in my community blog Life Goes On for the St. Albert Gazette. I’ve been lying. For the past 4 months I’ve been telling lies – big ones and little ones. I’ve been stretching the truth, bending the truth, downright fabricating story after story. There was a reason of course. I […]

What kind of happy are you?

big smile for international happiness day

Happiness has been a hot topic for several years. Pharrell Williams wants us to clap when we find it. There are apps for smart phones to track our happiness. Almost 80,000 books on Amazon can help us understand the science behind it, offer strategies for having more of it and even figure out what we […]

The good thing about the flu

sick as a dog

I’m a pretty healthy person generally so being knocked off my feet for two weeks this month was a rare experience. Yup I was sick as a dog. The last time I recall being this sick was 22 years ago when my children shared the chicken pox virus with me. That episode lasted almost 6 […]