10 in 2010 – that's a wrap

Did you know that if you made all the 10 in 2010 simple changes it would take you less than one hour per day?

That’s the great thing about making a small change – it doesn’t have to take a lot of time. The cumulative effect though can be amazing.

Start thinking about a simple change you would like to make in 2011. Little by little, if you remain consistent, by the end of next year you’ll be delighted with the results.

Thanks for taking the time to participate in this year’s challenge. I hope you will jump on board for next year’s challenge on happiness.


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This is the final post for 10 in 2010.

Please take a minute to post a comment and share your 10 in 2010 stories.



  1. Janice Sutherland says:

    For me, the big challenge in making small changes is to attain consistency. I found the tips very helpful and tried things out, but found myself forgetting to maintain. It was easy to follow the tips about exercise, eating right and spending carefully, as those were habits I had a good foundation in, but remembering to take time to be quiet and reflective, and to breathe, was much more difficult.

    Sleeping well has eluded me for a while, but when I spend half an hour stretching shortly before bedtime, I sleep better. And my daughter and I stretch together, which has been fun one- on-one time with her.

    • Thanks Janice – consistency is always the challenge! Sometimes we need to create a little reminder for ourselves – even something simple like a post-it note on the bathroom mirror – to jog our memories.

  2. I like the idea that small changes that take little time can add up to something bigger. I have decided that instead of a “New Year’s Resolution”, I will commit to one very specific doable item – buckling my seatbelt before I start my car instead of buckling it while I drive off. It seems small, but the implications can be very big if I don’t buckle up, and the intention to slow down just long enough to do this one task will have a spillover effect.

    Thanks Laurel, 10 in 2010 was fantastic, and I look forward to what you stimulate me to do in 2011!

    • You can never underestimate the power of a small simple change. We like to distract ourselves with thoughts of big sweeping changes – partly because the media keeps all that drama in our faces. But what really makes change is the step by step – one foot in front of the other effort…even if big results are the goal. Good luck Sheryl with your seatbelt in 2011.

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