Awesome is anything you want

Today marks the end of Neil Pasricha’s blogging journey chronicling all things awesome. Launched in June 2008, Pasricha began a daily blog with his musings on everything from broccoflower to the sound of scissors cutting construction paper to the air just before a thunderstorm. Today’s final 1000th awesome thing was “anything you want it to be”.

That’s really the point isn’t it?

Awesome comprises a wild and wacky range of things. It’s dependent of course on individual preference but really I think the whole idea of what is, or can be awesome, is all a matter of how open you are to being grateful for a bazillion things in this world.

Awesome is simply a perspective or outlook on life.

What’s awesome about Pasricha’s collection of thoughts and ideas, is not that they spawned three books and a cool smart phone app. What’s really awesome is he created a movement in which people began to look a little differently at the things in their lives. They started appreciating the seeming unimportant or mundane. They became a bit more mindful about all the awesome stuff that crosses their paths on a daily basis.

So hats off to Neil Pasricha. He makes my awesome list.

What’s on your awesome list? Post a comment and share.




  1. Nicole C says:

    On my awesome list…let’s see…hmmm. There are so many things that could be and should be on my awesome list, but lately it seems to be that my ability to heal my own self with positive thinking. Not using pills or relying on other people to do it for me. I am starting to be able to see the world for what it has to offer me and not what it should be offering me. I am learning to use the planet around me to give me insight on how to heal myself. The planet has always had unique ways of healing itself when something wasn’t quite right. I am learning that some of those ways can be guidelines and tools that can be utilized and used to heal myself. For instance, when the planet is sad….it rains and cleanses its soul or when it is happy it radiates sunshine to warm everything it embraces. I too can use simple things like crying when my soul needs to rain and smiling when my soul has sunshine to share. I think that is pretty AWESOME!

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