Playing with old man winter

Natural chaos is waking up to the radio guy saying:

shovelling snowBundle up.

Extreme winter driving conditions today!

and then looking out the window to a pile of new snow that thanks to the blustery winds has drifted across roads and sidewalks and doorways.

Okay I’m a nice Canadian girl and I know that winter means snow…and snow shovelling. But sometimes you just want to pull the covers over your head and say “Enough!”

Loving the chaos means going with the flow – or in this case the snow fall – with no more than your five minute daily allotment of complaining.

Know that I took my full five minutes before I put on my big boots and coat and mitts and headed out the door to shovel.

Then I said my little prayers of gratitude that I have a driveway to shovel, I have central heating , a fireplace and a nice stock of red wine. I’m working from home today unlike other poor people who had to actually drive on those extreme roads.

Then I watched my aging and always wise dog Cal who had a blast in the yard leaping through the drifts like he was a puppy.

His perspective: this is a whole new way to play today.

It’s still snowing so I get to go out and play again.

How are you playing today?


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