The biggest excuse for not having what you want

superhero kid

There are all kinds of things that we want to do that we don’t seem to get around to doing. Not just getting the car washed or cleaning a closet or binge watching House of Cards. I’m talking about things that really matter to us. Things that make a difference in our lives and those […]

10 in 2010 – creating boundaries

This month’s 10 in 2010 challenge is to Unplug More. Your challenge for the month is to turn off your cell phone & TV during meals. For some of you this one is not too hard. It’s actually a refreshing change. For others unplugging even for half an hour is a stretch. One of the […]

Focus your energy


The 30 day challenge begins tomorrow! Remember the question I asked yesterday? What one habit, if you added it consistently into your life, would make a difference in your happiness or health? That’s the first key step in the 30 day challenge. Choose ONE habit – not several – to focus your energy on during […]

Living a gold medal life

gold medal

Once every four years the Olympic games capture our attention. Whether you are a sports fan or not, there’s something about dramatic competition, Cinderella stories and the pursuit of excellence that makes us stop and tune in to events of all kinds.Maybe it’s our appreciation of the dedication and focus required by these athletes to […]