Imagine it and make it happen


Tales from my Italian adventure Paolo Fanciulli is not a guy who lets a few obstacles get in his way. A fisherman who lives in Talamone next to the Parco Naturale della Maremma in Tuscany, Paolo is a shining example of the impact one person can have. We got to spend the day with him […]

Giving up the clipboard of fun


Tales from my Italian adventure When I first started exploring the world in the mid 1980’s, I admit I succumbed to the clipboard of fun method of travelling. That’s probably a pretty common mistake for novice or infrequent travelers – to have as many sights as possible jammed into the itinerary with the primary purpose […]

Inspiration from David Whyte


Tales from my Italian adventure Friends sometimes give you the best gifts without even realizing it. That happened to me when my dear friend Victor sent me a David Whyte poem one day several years ago. It was my first encounter with David’s work and at the time it perfectly captured the emotion of the […]